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Mizzou needs Michael Porter Jr. now

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Greetings from a hotel near O’Hare! Hit a bit of a snag heading back from the Sloan Conference yesterday. You could say that my travel day yesterday was like the Mizzou-Kentucky game of travel days.

I wasn’t able to catch any of the Kentucky game, but let’s see if I’m up to speed on what I missed:

1. Michael Porter Jr. warmed up before the game but watched from the bench.

2. He watched other things from the bench, too.

3. Kentucky made Jontay Porter work and work and work. Wasn’t a good evening for the freshman.

4. Mizzou’s defense got torched, though as Sam pointed out on Sunday, the Tigers went with the game plan that had worked so well the first time around. As it turns out, when your athletic, super-talented opponent gets smoking hot from 3-point range, there is no game plan that will work all that well.

5. Mizzou has been incredibly resilient this year without MPJ, and because of that, the Tigers still have something to play for heading into March. But ... now they really need him.

Does that about cover it?

More Links:

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