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Missouri point guard target Xavier Pinson will announce his commitment on February 5

Point guard is an extreme need for Mizzou in the 2018 class. Pinson could be step one toward addressing that need.

Xavier Pinson, a three-star prospect from Chicago Simeon and one of the top-ranked point guards remaining in the 2018 class, was in town for Missouri’s win over Kentucky on Saturday.

While still on his visit, he both announced his top four (Mizzou made the cut) and announced that he would be announcing his commitment on Monday, February 5.

There are few certainties in recruiting, but the timing of that probably isn’t a bad thing for Mizzou.

Pinson is 6’2, 170 pounds and hails from one of the most talent-heavy high schools in the country — Simeon has produced Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker, Nick Anderson, and countless other stars. He also lists Wisconsin, Memphis, Georgetown in his top four.

Mizzou’s need for point guard help is no secret. The Tigers began the 2017-18 season on shaky ground in terms of experience at the 1, and that was before freshmen CJ Roberts and Blake Harris transferred and Terrence Phillips got suspended under Title IX investigation. Mizzou has had to make do with Jordan Geist and shooting guard Kassius Robertson running the show, and Robertson will be gone next year.

The goal appears to be signing both an incoming freshman like Pinson and more experienced transfer help — perhaps someone like JUCO guard Trent Williams. If Pinson indeed comes aboard, he will have a chance for immediate playing time at a position that will make or break the Tigers. They should return two outstanding sophomore bigs in Jeremiah Tilmon and Jontay Porter and have loaded up on wing help in the 2018 class as well.

But you need someone to help run the show. Pinson could be step one toward addressing that need. And Mizzou’s putting on the full-court press: