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Jim Sterk: The demolition process is ongoing for Mizzou’s south end zone project

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Jim Sterk gave an interview to the Columbia Missourian this weekend, covering a wide array of topics. You can get predictably vague answers about Title IX investigations, Ehren Earleywine’s firing, etc., but toward the end of the piece he gave an update on the Faurot Field south end zone construction.

What sort of progress has been made in the construction of the new south end zone at Faurot Field?

“They’re still in the demolition phase. I believe the first of the month it totally goes down. They’re trying to salvage what’s salvageable in there, but the lockers, the seats, they’re gone. I haven’t looked from the inside to see what it looks like now, but I know part of it looks torn apart. But it’s getting there, and then they totally tear it down in the first part of March.”

Come the Sept. 1, 2018, home opener against UT Martin, what will the construction look like? Will it resemble what some fans saw at Arkansas’ Razorback Stadium last year?

“I think so. ... I think it will probably be similar. They were further along by the time we got there later in the season, but I think it’ll probably look a lot like that.”

Here are some shots of Arkansas’ stadium construction throughout 2017:

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