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If Michael Porter Jr. “feels good,” he will play on Saturday

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Everyone is antsy.

March has arrived, the Mizzou women are already playing in the SEC tournament and planning their trip the NCAAs, the Mizzou mens team has just one remaining regular season game tomorrow against Arkansas to help determine their post-season fate. And the question on everyone’s mind right now is if we’re going to get more than 2 minutes of Michael Porter Jr this season.

Things appear to be trending in the right direction:

“He’ll practice today and he’ll practice tomorrow,” Martin said before the Tigers held their Thursday practice. “And then we’ll go from there. It’ll really come down to how Mike feels. Then we’ll go from there.”

... “If he feels good from the standpoint of going through (practice),” Martin said. “You’re coming off back surgery and you’re really talking about his third practice (Thursday). We had a good one at Vanderbilt so that really helped us and probably helped him some. We’ll go from here.

”We just want to get the reps under his belt so he can be effective. He knows he’s not going to be at the (highest) level from a conditioning standpoint, but as long as he feels good, that’s the first thing. And then we go from there.”

For all the discussion, this appears to be up to Mike. If he’s ready, Cuonzo and the team are ready. But it’s easy to forget how few practices he’s had so far. If he plays Saturday he’ll have had a full three practices under his belt. So even if he’s ready and wants to play, it’s not like he’s stepping on the floor for 30 minutes. You let him get some short bursts and try to keep the blood flowing as much as possible.

But it appears the momentum is heading in a positive way for Mizzou fans to get to watch MPJ as a Tiger. It could be Saturday, everyone. Even Jeremy Maclin wants to see it.

Yesterday at Rock M

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