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UPDATE: Rock M Bracket Challenge!

If your bracket isn’t aflame right now, you’re doing something wrong!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Duke
It was definitely a charge.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

If you entered the Rock M Nation bracket challenge, we’re down to just four teams (I think they have a name for this final group) and your bracket is probably trash. But hopefully you have at least one or two of this last four still in line to earn you some more points!

I’ve got one. Thankfully Villanova has rescued my otherwise trash bracket but that’s akin to saying I was smart enough to pick the Golden State Warriors to make the playoffs. Nova has proven to be the best team so far, but they’ll have to get past the plucky upstart from kansas who managed to overcome their awful number one seed and get past a few lower seeded teams to get to the Final Four.

Hopefully you fared better in your picks than poor Bill Self in his seeding, here’s the leaderboard:

I’d keep an eye on Cuonzo StarbucksGIF & Mizzou31415 because they’re tied for third with both of their champions still alive. Congrats to them!

In his farewell tour, Bill Connelly is holding onto the lead of mastheads coming in tied for 19th, with Matt Harris nipping at his heels tied for 25th.

To the two Mizzou fans who picked kansas to win the National title all I have to say is... Who hurt you?

Anyway, three more games left in the college basketball season!