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The best news about yesterday: Season ain’t over yet

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Welp, that did not go as planned.

Really disappointing that Kassius Robertson’s end-of-game 3 didn’t fall — that was the best out-of-a-timeout play Mizzou has designed all year. Got Mizzou’s best player all year a clean look for the win.

That was kind of the name of the game, though. As Robertson put it,

“We missed some shots that we typically make. We missed some easy tip-ins and some layups and some open threes,” Kassius Robertson said. “I think we had a lot of shots that weren’t dropping. They usually do.”

Michael Porter Jr. did not take his first official collegiate loss very well, by the way.

Porter earned Mark Fox’s respect, though.

“In that kid’s defense,” Georgia coach Mark Fox said, “it’s awful hard to play your first couple college games. He didn’t practice most of the year, and to come out and play a high-level game, you’re probably not going to be real efficient.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for him even trying to do what he did today.”

But there’s one good thing about all of this: season ain’t over yet.

“The season’s not over,” [Porter Jr.] said. “That’s the good part. We’ve got another game coming up soon. That’s what counts.”

Yesterday, however, wasn’t all bad:

All the heart emojis.

Yesterday at Rock M

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