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Saturday was a good day for Mizzou fans

Mizzou pitchers past and present did well, Mizzou Softball unleashed a huge comeback, and ... other things happened.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was a good day, Mizzou nation! Let’s count the ways.

1. Former Tiger Kyle Gibson pitched two-thirds of a no-hitter.

Walks and pitch count limits prevented him from going further, sure, but the former Mizzou ace started the year off on an excellent note.

Good Gibby [...] is a bad, bad, man, in the Michael Jackson, certified-diamond, produced-by-Quincy-Jones kind of way. He had some pretty suspect control issues; five walks in six innings isn’t exactly stellar, but I’m all right with chalking that up to the fact that it was his first start of the season, and we’re still on the wrong side of April. Gibson only walked five batters once all last season, so let’s hope he was just getting that performance out of the way early.

What he was doing right was inducing weaker contact and picking up some strikeouts. Gibson went six innings and fanned as many O’s hitters without allowing a single hit all night. The highlight of his hitless performance was Eddie Rosario’s tumbling, juggling catch that saw the baseball pop right out of the left fielder’s glove, only to land in his bare right hand.

This, of course, came a day after Max Scherzer, the most famous of former Mizzou aces, struck out 10 in an opening-day win.

2. Mizzou Softball came up with best and most dramatic win of the year.

The Tigers scored four runs in the bottom of the seventh to beat No. 14 LSU, 5-4, and salvage a game in the series.

And oh by the way, it was the first Mizzou Softball game ever for the six-year old once known as Rally Baby.

First Mizzou Softball game.

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Not only did we make it till the end — I figured her attention span would crap out by the fourth inning — but now she wants to go to every game. (And I guess this means Mizzou’s not losing at home again this year. Congrats in advance.)

3. Mizzou Baseball evened the series against Auburn.

After a 5-2 loss on Friday night, Mizzou got five innings from Michael Plassmeyer and four from Andy Toelken and used an Auburn defensive miscue to take the game, 2-1.

4. It seems like there was something else...

...I feel like I’m forgetting something else I was going to mention here. Hmm, let me hop on Twitter and see if I can figure it out.

Oh right. Villanova won a big basketball game.