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Mizzou joins the “hiring former head coaches as analysts” arms race

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

There’s been a new arms race brewing over the last couple of years: the analyst arms race. Alabama’s got like 114 of them, and they all seem to be former head coaches. Well, it appears Mizzou’s going to have one of its own*.

UAB v Central Florida
McGee at UAB
Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

PowerMizzou was the first to report on Sunday that former UAB head coach and Northwestern, Arkansas, Louisville, and Illinois offensive coordinator Garrick McGee will be joining the staff in an analyst role.

Five things to know about McGee:

  1. After beginning his playing career at Arizona State, the Tulsa native finished with two years at OU. He threw for 2,449 yards over those two seasons, mostly in 1994. He became a backup to Eric Moore when Howard Schnellenberger took over in Norman in 1995.
  2. He landed the offensive coordinator gig at Northwestern in 2006 when Pat Fitzgerald took over as head coach, but after finishing no better than 73rd in scoring offense, his gig lasted only two years.
  3. His coaching career took off when he connected with Bobby Petrino. From Northwestern, he ended up QBs coach at Arkansas when Petrino took over in 2008. Within two years, he had become offensive coordinator, and the Hogs went 21-5 with him as head of offense (though Petrino himself is always kind of the head of his offense).
  4. The success in Fayetteville earned him the UAB job. It didn’t go well. He went 5-19 in Birmingham and 3-13 in C-USA play, and by 2014, he was back with Petrino, this time at Louisville.
  5. In 2016, Lovie Smith brought him to Champaign to call plays. It didn’t go well. Illinois was 122nd in scoring offense in 2016 and 127th last fall. Smith replaced him with former Arizona offensive co-coordinator Rod Smith.

McGee has held some pretty lofty positions but hasn’t necessarily thrived in them. No matter — anything he adds to the equation as an analyst will be a bonus. Technically he could be next in line (or at least hope to be next in line) if things go well for Derek Dooley this year and Dooley ends up a head coach somewhere, but ... that’s a few toadstools away.

* The Tigers have five other analysts already, but McGee’s the first former head coach. Thought I should clarify.

Some more McGee reading material:

  • Post-Dispatch. “Analysts do not count among the 10 on-field assistants allowed by the NCAA to coach players during games and practices. Neither are they allowed to recruit prospects off campus. Teams are not limited in how many analysts they hire. Mizzou currently lists five analysts on its roster: Austyn Carta-Samuels and Adam Kleffner on offense; Sam Carter and Neal Renna on defense; and Dave Ungerer on special teams.”
  • The Trib. “Altogether, he’s been an offensive coordinator for eight seasons at the Power 5 level, which includes time at Northwestern, Arkansas and Louisville. McGee, who will serve under Missouri offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Derek Dooley, will be the only member of the football staff with previous experience as an offensive coordinator.”
  • KC Star. “McGee’s coaching career began in 1996 at Langston University, a historically black college in Oklahoma. He has also worked at Northern Iowa, Toledo, UNLV and Northwestern. Like Dooley, McGee has also spent time in the NFL. The 45-year-old McGee was a quality control coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars during 2000-01.”
Garrick McGee
McGee at OU

This Weekend at Rock M

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