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LIVE THREAD: NCAA Championship Game

The witch is dead, and we have some clear leaders in the bracket challenge with just one game remaining!

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Villanova vs Kansas Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re almost to the finish line of the college basketball season. Tonight the Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge wraps up and we really only have a few challengers for the win at this point.

Here’s the top ten list:

4-1-18 NCAA bracket challenge update

At this point, if Michigan wins, Cuonzo Starbucks GIF is the winner. If Villanova wins it’s Mizzou31451. You all really went all out of some of these bracket names.

It was also really nice of the Rock M Nation staff to throw their brackets so Bill C. could carry the day as the winner of the mastheaders in what could be his last bracket challenge as our fearless leader. Well done everyone.

Tonight, Villanova and Michigan play for a National Championship and two Rock M Nationers will sit and wait to see who will claim ultimate bragging rights in the Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge. Good luck to everyone.

Use this as your NCAA Championship Live Thread.

Mac, I’m looking at you.