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BREAKING: Mizzou Football will enter the field through temporary tunnels in 2018

I don’t know why this interests me, but it does. Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

You know what I really hadn’t thought about regarding Mizzou’s 2018 football season? How Mizzou was going to enter the field before home games.

The answer: temporary tunnels! has an update on both what’s next and what’s complete. Here’s the latter:



* Demo catwalk structure, and proceeded to sort and haul off material.

Mass Excavation of West Hill

* Continue to break rock and haul off.

Water Utilities

* Video record line AA.

* Complete Sewer Connections at Manhole EX9 and AA6.

* Start setting from AA6 to CC line.

* Set Structure B1 and set line from EX1 to B1.

* Start setting 72” reinforced cast pipe from B1 to B2. Start mass excavation for box culvert.

Temp Chiller

* Prepare area for temp chiller and set temp chiller.

And here’s what the construction cam had to show last night.


Meanwhile, [awkward transition coming], other things appear to be under construction at the moment. Namely, Mizzou’s reputation. Here’s Nu-Nu Washington, father of blue-chip St. Louis receiver Marcus Washington, on his perceptions and recent impressions of Mizzou.

The Will in question: former Tiger receiver Will Franklin, Mizzou’s coordinator of football player engagement and development. He’s evidently a) got a tough job and b) doing it pretty well.

[ANOTHER awkward transition coming] Here’s another guy we hope will do his job pretty well this fall: Derek Dooley.

Sterk also had some good, if not amazingly good, news: ticket sales are up. A hair.

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