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PODCAST: Rock M Radio Presents: Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling

Sam is joined by Jeff Greer from the Louisville Courier-Journal. Talking Louisville Basketball, Courtney Ramey, and more.

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Step into the Opponents Alley once again! Rock M Radio brings you another episode of Opponents Alley with Sam Snelling. He is joined by Jeff Greer who covers Louisville Hoops with the Louisville Courier-Journal. They talk what it’s been like at Louisville lately, Rick Pitino, Louisville Hoops moving forward, and YES Courtney Ramey. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:
:30 – 2:18: Intro and Let’s meet Jeff Greer!
2:20 – 13:00: The FBI, Louisville, and Rick Pitino. What’s that been like?
13:01 – 21:30: Louisville Basketball this past season and some thoughts there and their future.
21:31 – 41: 13: Courtney Ramey and what is going on there from a non-Mizzou perspective. There’s a lot to unpack here.
41:15 – 43:26: Wrap-Up with Jeff Greer. Follow him and check out his work!
43:40 – END: Final Thoughts with Sam Snelling. Rate/Review/Subscribe, please!

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