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Jontay Porter reportedly invited to NBA Combine

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when Cuonzo Martin talked about Jontay Porter’s next steps in the draft process?

There are dates that every underclassman who is testing the NBA waters must know. The next date is April 27, when players are invited to the NBA draft combine, Martin said.

Whether Porter receives an invite will give some insight into where he stands among prospects.

“If you get invited to Chicago, that means you are still in the ballpark,” Martin said. “If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you won’t get drafted.”

Well, April 27 came and went, and I guess we can say that Porter is still in the ballpark.

For a while now, sources have been saying that Porter is almost certainly gone — that he’s going to remain in the draft if he finds he has a solid chance at being picked in the first round (and he’s almost certainly going to find that). Well, his Combine invitation certainly suggests he’s well on his way to getting the feedback we assumed he was going to get.

Apparently “league sources” believe the same.

Everything’s going according to plan, I guess. Even if that plan denies Mizzou fans of a second year of watching Jontay in black and gold.

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More Links:

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  • Mizzou Baseball’s RPI, meanwhile, has another chance at an upgrade tonight at Iowa. The mid-week games have been very good to the Tigers this year. Here’s to hoping for one more win.
  • Mizzou Night at the K apparently came and went. (Like the Royals’ season HEYYOOOOOOOO...)
  • Two cupcake wins over the weekend didn’t help Mizzou Softball’s RPI ... but they didn’t hurt it either.