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Sports betting could be coming to Missouri in the next few years (and you’re damn right it’s a game of skill)

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You probably heard about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, which basically made sports betting a states’ rights issue. If not, here, catch up:

So how might this impact the state of Missouri? It’s among a long list of states that have attempted legislation legalizing sports betting but hasn’t passed it just yet.

“The bill was filed with the anticipation of the Supreme Court making a decision at some point ... , but it’s too late in the session to have any traction,” [Rep. Dean Plocher] said. “And I think there needs to be more vetting of the bill. So what I will be working on over the summer is that we bring all stakeholders to the table.”

[Sen. Caleb Rowden] introduced his bill, SB 1009, in February. It would allow sports gambling to occur on “excursion gambling boats” or areas that are over water. Such locations would be able to apply for the authorization to have sports betting on their premises, in part by reclassifying sports wagering as a “game of skill.”

Damn straight it’s a game of skill.

Plocher’s proposed bill is supported by the NBA, MLB and the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals organizations. It would include an “integrity fee” of a 1 percent charge on all sports wagers, and the collected money would be given to the governing bodies of each sport.

Plocher said professional sports organizations and big national gambling organizations have a lot at stake.

”My bill mandated that the platform for online gaming be at those casinos in Missouri on the water,” he said. “That’s important because people are doing this now, but they are using offsite places ... , and there is no way to regulate the algorithms used in sports betting, which could potentially lead to people being exploited.”

I’m guessing it’ll be a while until sports betting makes more of a visible entry into the college landscape. But for pro sports fans, things could eventually change pretty drastically.

But MMQB’s Albert Breer wrote in March that NFL owners are already envisioning a world where gambling can be part of the in-game experience for fans. He painted a scenario where people in attendance at a game could use an app to place live prop bets on certain outcomes to be further engaged and invested in the outcome.

This is already a popular way to consume sports overseas with similar forms of betting available during European Premier League matches. Multiple NFL owners also have ownership stakes in EPL teams (Stan Kroenke — Rams and Arsenal; Malcolm Glazer — Buccaneers and Manchester United; Shad Khan — Jaguars and Fulham [relegated]) and are already familiar with that.

That probably won’t be a reality in the NFL any time soon — at least not in a way that’s officially sponsored and supported by the league. But it’s almost definitely on the horizon and has already been a topic of discussion with the Raiders’ upcoming relocation to Las Vegas creating a dialogue about gambling.

And hey, you might not have to go as far to bet on Mizzou winning a national title. You can probably get pretty good odds.

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