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Mizzou AD Jim Sterk sets out to find a new softball coach

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

The softball season hasn’t been over for long, but we already found out the fate of interim coach Gina Fogue when Mizzou announced Jim Sterk would begin a nationwide search for their next softball coach:

“A national search is underway to recruit the very best individual to lead Mizzou Softball into the future. Our program enjoys a rich tradition, plays in a state-of-the-art facility and competes in the nation’s toughest conference, and it is our desire to build upon past successes moving forward. We will not utilize a search consultant in this process, and in order to protect the integrity of the search, I will have no further public comments regarding the process or the status of any candidates until the announcement of Mizzou’s next head softball coach is made.”

Sterk is correct, Mizzou’s softball facilities are top notch and Ehren Earlywine proved you can win and win big at Missouri winning 50 or more in three straight seasons and cruising past 40 wins in eight of his first nine seasons.

But his combative style of coaching and prickly personality rubbed enough people the wrong way that he found himself out of a job, and was replaced in short term by assistant Gina Fogue.

Fogue, it should be noted, did a terrific job on short notice.

Just before the season starts isn’t a normal time to remove your head coach and Fogue put a patchwork roster together and still found a way to win enough games to warrant an NCAA tournament win. They played hard and together and overall it was a solid season.

So now it’s time to turn the page.

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