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Jordan Lathon is back on the market and Karissa Schweizer is just unfair

Plus Terrence Hargrove is poetry in slow motion.

Track and Field: NCAA Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Usually at this time of the year most basketball teams have their rosters mostly set and their signees are usually a few days away from heading to campus to begin summer classes and workouts.

But former Northwestern signee and 4-star Combo Guard from Kansas City Jordan Lathon is looking for a new home.

The story behind Lathon is he was a priority guy for the previous staff and once Cuonzo Martin took the job he paid Lathon a visit but never seemed to settle in to recruit Lathon very hard for whatever reason. Missouri never offered Lathon, but last summer the need for a combo guard was lessened by the presence of Blake Harris and C.J. Roberts on the roster.

Missouri has two guards sitting out this upcoming season in transfers Mark Smith and Dru Smith, and only one returning member of the team who is considered a ball handler. So adding another guard capable of handling the ball would seem to be a priority... except that hasn’t been who Missouri has pursued this offseason.

They’ve largely gone after wings, but after Courtney Ramey committed to Texas the approach towards recruiting point or combo guards was basically blasé.

There weren’t any elite combo guards in their backyard however. And I would look for Missouri to at the very least check in with Lathon and gauge interest.

The Tigers have looked at multiple other targets but haven’t gone full in yet, perhaps waiting on a final decision from Jontay Porter. With Porter potentially more likely to return than previously thought it would seem Mizzou wouldn’t have room but there is still a medical issue with Cullen VanLeer that needs to be answered.

We’ll be tracking Lathon quite closely. Apparently he’s already picked up an Oklahoma State offer!

I mean, this is ridiculous

Karissa Schweizer steps upon the track, and decimates all who stand in her wake... including her OWN lap times. I mean... c’mon. I couldn’t run one lap in that time, much less run more than a lap and run faster at the END of those laps. Anyway, she’s been fun to follow. Even if she makes me feel really bad about my own fitness like all the time.

We agree Zach, we agree.


  • Justin Britt, 4 seasons & 63 starts
  • Mitch Morse, 3 seasons & 38 starts
  • Connor McGovern, 1 season & 5 starts
  • Evan Boehm, 2 seasons & 9 starts
  • Max Copeland, Silicon Valley Superstar & possible 5th member of Metallica

It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it. Britt has become a stalwart in Seattle, Morse an anchor in Kansas City and Boehm and McGovern are just getting started. There’s a reason that 2013 team was so good, especially on offense.

Terrance Hargrove, Jr has bunnies

Hargrove is a highly rated 3-star wing-type player from East St. Louis who has been a big priority for Cuonzo Martin and his staff. He plays sparingly for the Bradley Beal Elite AAU squad but has shown some athletic flashes. You can easily see why the staff is intrigued.

Hargrove plays with a lot of effort and really fits in the positionless basketball world of new Mizzou Hoops. He’s a tenacious defender and rebounder and has a developing offensive arsenal with good shooting mechanics that need to only be refined. He’s a potential four year player and early contributor if Mizzou can reel him in.

In other news....

This isn’t terrifying. Nope.