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Have a Happy Memorial Day, Everyone

Just a few random things from me on this holiday.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is headed back to the NBA Finals for the 8th straight year. This time he did it by dragging the barely breathing corpse of the Cleveland Cavaliers past the upstart young Boston Celtics.

Boston will be fine. They played without Kyrie Irving and they expect to have Gordon Hayward back next season, Jayston Tatum broke out this post-season and showed he could be a super star. While Jaylen Brown looks to be a dynamic playmaker as well. Plus, all these guys are young!

They aren’t LeBron James, who put up a pedestrian 35, 15 & 9, and considering his teammates shot 6/27 from three point range, he probably had at least another assist in there somewhere that ended up clanking across the rim.

It’s still an incredible feat to see what James has done. I’m as big of a Michael Jordan honk as there is, and even I’m having a hard time making an argument for MJ as the clear G.O.A.T. in the NBA.

Other Notes

Moving on, Cam’Ron Fletcher is a guy I would consider to be one of the top priorities for the Tigers over the next few classes. I think in 2019 you can pinpoint E.J. Liddell as one, and in 2020 I think Caleb Love and Fletcher are two.

Getting him on campus is important, and right now I’d expect any school trying to recruit Fletcher to have a fight on their hands with Cuonzo Martin.

  • COMO
  • Bill went on vacation and made some jokes. If you follow him on all the social media’s like I do you got to see how adventurous on a foodie his daughter is. They went all through the south and did a lot of eating.
  • Last, I hope you all have a happy Memorial day. I’m thankful for those who died while serving our country. I have many veterans in my family, but none who died in combat which is pretty amazing to think about. This is a holiday which is deeply personal to a lot of people so I hope you are able to take part in whatever way you are comfortable.
  • From a strictly historical perspective, the advent and creation of Memorial day, the federal holiday as we know it, is a fascinating story.