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Xavier Pinson’s trying to gain a pre-freshman 15

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

So this KC Star piece from Friday revealed a couple of key things:

  1. Mizzou signee Xavier Pinson currently weighs 158 pounds. Guh.
  2. He’s hoping to weigh 170 when he reports to campus next month.

His affordable weapon of choice: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And that’s fine. But gaining 10-15 pounds before your freshman year isn’t really how things are supposed to go. I just want him to know that I gained 15 pounds with ease over my first semester and change, and all I had to do was eat pizza and Rice Krispies treats in the Bingham dining hall a couple of times a day.

(It also helps to have a dorm mate who works at Panera and brings home leftover bagels every day, plus a roommate who doesn’t mind ordering a Wise Guys 20” Untouchable about once a week.)

You’re doing this all wrong, Xavier, is what I’m saying.

This weekend at Rock M

More Links:

  • WELP, the City of Columbia apparently made a deal with the Devil this weekend: we finally got a beautiful weather weekend, and apparently the trade-off was an absolutely horrendous Mizzou weekend on the diamonds. First, Mizzou Softball got swept by Florida and missed out on the SEC Tournament by half a game. On Sunday came the heartbreaker: the Tigers led 4-3 heading into the seventh but gave up four runs and fell. So now Mizzou will host the SEC Tournament ... without actually playing in it. Guh.