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Mizzou’s secondary could be in great shape if Josh Bledsoe turns potential into production

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Over at the Post-Dispatch, Dave Matter has been doing his unit-by-unit post-spring walkthrough. On Monday, he got to one of the most curious units on the Tiger roster: the secondary.

Is it possible to be optimistic and pessimistic about a unit at the same time? Probably not, I guess, but that’s kind of how I feel about the secondary. The surefire quality obviously isn’t there, but in its absence, I’m pretty happy when there’s an abundance of sheer quantity. Mizzou’s got a lot of options, especially if Oregon grad transfer Khalil Oliver hits the ground running. In that situation, the names that can bubble up to the top of the depth chart are probably going to be pretty decent.

Anyway, if sophomore Joshuah Bledsoe has the kind of breakout fall that the coaching staff thinks he might, things might turn out just fine.

Bledsoe came to MU as a safety, moved to the nickel/strongside linebacker position during training camp then moved back to safety midway through spring practices. It’s obvious the staff wants him on the field.

“For a young guy he really understands every spot,” Odom said. “There’s not too much we’ve thrown at him that he hasn’t been able to grasp. His football IQ is pretty high. Also he enjoys to play ball. He’s soaking it up, taking care of himself but also putting himself in position for us as a staff we know we’re a lot better when he’s on the field. He’s done a really good job.”

Good to hear.

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