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SEC SIDs pick Mizzou fourth in the East and ninth in the league

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Drew Lock Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

IT’S PRESEASON POLL SEASON, EVERYONE. published a poll of the SEC’s sports information directors, and Mizzou came in tied for ninth, and fourth in the East, with Kentucky.

9 (tie). Missouri

Missouri received 61 points, including two 13th-place votes, one 12th-place vote, three tenth-place votes, two ninth-place votes, two eighth-place votes, one seventh-place vote and two sixth-place votes.

The surge at the end of the season Missouri experienced is cause for optimism. The Tigers won their final six regular-season games and finished with a winning record. With Drew Lock still in the fold, Missouri has the kind of transcendent quarterback who could help the program take another step in the third year of Barry Odom’s regime. But the offense may have to dial it back a bit when it comes to running tempo. Missouri controlled the ball for only 25 minutes per game. Only one team in the entire Football Bowl Subdivision had a worse time of possession.

Now, referencing time of possession as a reason for skepticism doesn’t do much for me, but this generally adheres to how I’m perceiving the tiers of the SEC heading into 2018:

  1. Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn in some order (with Bama probably at No. 1).
  2. LSU, A&M, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Florida, Mizzou, and Kentucky in some order. I’d have A&M lower than the SIDs did, and I’d have MSU and Mizzou higher, but that’s just me.
  3. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt in some order. Vandy’s struggling for traction, UT and Arkansas are starting over, and Ole Miss is sort of starting over.

Regardless, Barry Odom now has the single greatest possible motivation item in his possession, as do, I guess, 13 other schools: DISRESPECT. And that’s all that really matters, right?

Yesterday at Rock M

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