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Michael Porter Jr. is making headlines and Jordan Barnett is working out a lot.

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Inarguably the big news of the day yesterday was the news cycle surrounding Michael Porter, Jr.

Intrigue usually follows Michael Porter, Jr. His journey leading up to college was fascinating and full of twists and turns. His brief college career was a page turner, leading the charge on the resurgence of Missouri basketball before missing virtually the entire season with an injury, causing his draft stock to go from the likely top overall pick last season to potentially falling out of the top 10 to back in the top 5 and rising.

Reporters have been scrambling to cover it all... meanwhile Mizzou reporters are used to it:

Josh Matejka will have more on the MPJ intrigue later, but it was worth leading links with also.


Jordan Barnett has been making the rounds throughout the NBA pre-draft workouts. The Indiana Pacers were yesterday, The Sixers today, the Lakers, the Kings, the Pelicans... I’ve lost track.

I said all season and before how I thought Barnett could get more than a cup of coffee in the league. He’s just the right mix of size + length + 3-point shooting for a guy to fill the end of the bench role and be a 3&D guy.

I don’t think he’ll get drafted, but catching on to a summer team and finding his way into the G-League isn’t a bad path forward for a guy like Barnett.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

It was then that he began to think of transferring. He felt the pull of his family, as his father, Garry, has been battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Iowa State was the closest Division I wrestling program to the Miklus home. He reached out to the Cyclones’ program about a possible transfer.

“He’s been getting a little worse over time, and he’s had it for a couple of years now,” Miklus said. “It’s just to the point where I want to be closer to him, and Iowa State is the closest one to my house.

“It allows me to get home on the weekends, where it would be kind of a chore to do that from Mizzou. I reached out to (Iowa State) and felt like they would have an opening for me — they said they would.”