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It’s 2 days till the NBA draft, and no one knows where Michael Porter Jr. may land

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Porter tells ESPN he’s feeling great. Only saying the opposite would really be news, but c’est la vie.

Porter said Monday that reports about his injury status last week, particularly his hip, “got exaggerated a lot.”

”It was just a little sore, so I told [my agent] my hip was kind of sore and he just wanted to shut it down for a couple of days,” Porter said. “And then people took that and kind of ran with it, saying, you know, my hip was injured, I couldn’t get out of bed. ... None of that was really true. I was just sore and I wanted to take a couple of days off. So that’s all that was.”

In the Kings’ case, with a general manager in Vlade Divac who knows as well as anyone how back problems can threaten a career, the fear factor that they are now weighing is a familiar one. Consider this quote from Divac himself back in 1992, six months after he had surgery to repair a herniated disk that would cost him most of his third season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

”It was the first surgery in my basketball life,” said Divac, who would go on to play 13 more seasons after the procedure for the Lakers, Charlotte Hornets and the Kings. “I was scared in the beginning that I never come back and play like I did before. There was much pressure on me. When I started to work out, I was happy. But when I came back on the court for a game, it was hard. I lost 44 games. I didn’t have feeling for the game. That took a long, long time to get back.”

More Links:

  • And speaking of inspiration, it’s time for Brick Haley’s autism awareness golf tournament.
  • Marcus Denmon and Laurence Bowers: champs.
  • St. Louis three-star Kyren Williams visited Mizzou a while back and visited Notre Dame this past weekend. Now he’s announcing his commitment. The timing has to suggest that Williams is an Irish lean here, but we’ll see.