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Jontay Porter is ready to get in shape and become a go-to guy

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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The NBA draft is about 38 hours away now, and Michael Porter Jr. is still making headlines — as the draft’s biggest mystery, ready to prove the doubters wrong, etc.

For a moment, though, let’s throw the focus back to Mike’s brother Jontay.

Of those who withdrew from the draft this year, Jontay is given the best odds of jumping up into the lottery in 2019. That’s a strange distinguisher, really, but positive press all the same.

Jontay was also the subject of a lovely Athletic piece ($) about stepping out of his brother’s shadow and becoming a 2018-19 star.

The added quickness he expects from the diet and a summer working with Christopher should help in the expanded role Martin envisions for the sophomore. Jontay is skilled enough that Martin could run his offense through him and use him like a watered-down version of Ben Simmons. [...]

Unlike Simmons’s role with the Philadelphia 76ers, Martin is not going so far as to make the 6-foot-11 Jontay his point guard, but he wants him to be able to bring the ball up the floor and expand what he can do out of the pick-and-roll. To do so, Jontay says he needs to tighten his handle. He already has shown his gift for passing. As a freshman he had eight games with at least four assists, and among players 6-11 or taller, he had the highest assist rate (20 percent) in the country, according to Ken Pomeroy.

Best super-tall passer in college basketball.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m happy Jontay’s going to be at Mizzou another year? Because I’m happy Jontay’s going to be at Mizzou another year. I’m happy for him because it should pay off well for him. But really, I’m just happy for us.

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