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PODCAST! Rock M Radio Presents: Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris

Denver Stiffs’ Site Manager, Adam Mares, joins the podcast talking Nuggets and MPJ.

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We’re back to another episode of Dive Cuts presented by Rock M Radio! Sam Snelling and Matt Harris are joined by special guest, Adam Mares, site manager for SB Nation’s Denver Nuggets Site, Denver Stiffs. In case you missed it, Michael Porter Jr. is now a Denver Nugget, so let’s learn about our new favorite NBA team, shall we?

We also touch on some Mizzou basketball recruiting news and update you on where the Tigers stand with several of the top prospects! Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:
:30 – 5:32 :Intro/Catching up/Man, MPJ went 14?!
5:40 – 6:30 :Welcome Adam Mares to Rock M Radio!
6:31 –9:30 :Excitement level in Denver for the drafting of MPJ, who was Denver targeting in the draft, and who did they expect to get before MPJ fell in the draft.
9:31 – 13:30 :What is the Front Office’s Message around drafting MPJ and what’s the feel around this current Denver Team?
13:31 – 15:41 :Where are the expectations for Porter as it relates to this team? How does he fit?
15:42 – 19:10 :There’s a lack of pressure for Porter to preform early? That’s probably helpful, right?
19:15 – 21:44 :MPJ as a high volume shooter… Does that need to change in the Denver offense?
21:45 – 22:43 :Thank you Adam for dropping by! Be sure to check out all of his work.
22:48 – 29:40 :Breakdown of the Interview and are you a Nuggets fan now?
29:45 – 48:45 :A look at the 2019 Recruiting class and just a little bit of a reset there, what’s the guard situation and a general update!
48:50 -- END :Final thought on the recruiting discussion! Be sure to rate/review/and subscribe to Rock M Radio!

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