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Mizzou’s 2016-17 financials were, shall we say, subpar by SEC standards

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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So USA Today has updated its financial database for the 2016-17 financial year. If you, uh, recall that year, it wasn’t all that impressive for Mizzou, on the field or in the fundraising department. Consequently, among the 13 public SEC institutions, Mizzou came in last in total revenue.

Ticket sales plummeted for Missouri in 2017. It’s total count of $17,993,862 dropped six percent from its 2016 haul of $19,152,889. The 2017 sum was the lowest since 2007, helping to negate gains in contributions (up 18 percent) and rights and licensing fees (up 3.2 percent). When factoring in school funds and other sources, Missouri’s revenues climbed slightly (0.06 percent) from 2016.

Its expenses were much higher. By making Cuonzo Martin the highest paid men’s basketball coach in school history, the Tigers spent $41,907,482 on coaching salaries in 2017, up 12 percent from 2016. The new softball stadium added costs to facilities and overhead, which cost Missouri $21,007,061, up 29 percent from 2016.

USA Today

A couple of quick reactions:

  1. I’m guessing these figures will be a decent amount better for 2017-18, what with people donating and actually attending Mizzou Basketball games again.
  2. This is the company you keep in the SEC, and we knew it coming in. Mizzou’s $97 million, as shaky as it seems compared to current neighbors, would have ranked fourth among the nine Big 12 public institutions, behind only Texas, Oklahoma, and, impressively, WVU. It’s all how you turn the prism, I guess.

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