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4-star STL lineman Jack Buford just visited Mizzou, and now he’s about to announce his commitment

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

This past weekend, St. Louis Lutheran North’s Jack Buford was among two St. Louisans to visit Mizzou. By all accounts, the visit went quite well. The whole family had a good time.

You’ll forgive Mizzou fans for getting a bit optimistic about the fact that, yesterday evening, Buford’s coach suddenly announced that Buford would be announcing his college of choice on Wednesday.

Now, we’ve all followed recruiting enough to know that unexpected twists and turns are almost expected. Buford has visited Arkansas as well, retweets plenty of Illinois things on Twitter, and probably doesn’t need to visit Oklahoma to understand what the Sooners have to offer.

Still, the tea leaves say happy things. And Buford would be a lovely get. The 6’5, 320-pounder is a four-star prospect per the 247Sports Composite, and assuming he not only commits but then remains committed until signing day, he would be Mizzou’s first four-star get from St. Louis since, incredibly, Andy Bauer in the 2014 class.

Part of that five-year gap is because of recent struggles, and part is because the 2015-17 classes didn’t offer many four-star recruits to pursue. Still, if Buford were to commit — and a bit earlier in the recruiting cycle than expected, no less — it would be a hell of a boon to Mizzou’s summer recruiting efforts, in the STL area and outside of it. Fingers crossed.

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