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Jontay Porter knew he was returning to Mizzou for a while before he revealed it. The twerp.

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

That tricky, tricky Porter family. The royal family of caustic social media posts evidently even knows how to get the rumor mill believing something that evidently isn’t real without social media.

While the tea leaves had begun to suggest that Jontay Porter was leaning toward keeping his name in the NBA draft and going pro after his freshman season, the opposite was, in fact, true. He knew he was coming back well before the decision deadline.

Speaking to members of the media for the first time since making that announcement, Porter said his mind was made up well before that day. In fact, it came before the NBA Draft Combine on May 16.

“I just woke up one day and was like, ‘I’m going back,’” Porter said. “I can’t remember what day that was, but I know it was before the combine.”

Porter met with media earlier this week and revealed that little tidbit. Here are some more:

Mizzou > G-League.

“When I do make the NBA I want to be a factor right away,” he said. “Not that I’m going to be an All-Star or anything like that. And the G-League isn’t necessarily a bad thing or anything like that, but I realize I do have development to do before I’m ready to make the impact I envision on an NBA team. Coming back getting better, stronger, more mentally tough, getting ready to take that step and be a man in the NBA, I think coming back one more year is necessary.”

Jontay > Steph Curry.

“I’m comfortable from half-court,” he said, laughing, more seriously adding, “Now a normal college three feels like mid-range. That doesn’t mean … I’m going to be Steph Curry this year or anything, but more comfortable.”

Cuonzo Martin is a very easy hard coach to play for.

“Coach Martin, when you think about it, he’s a pretty simple guy to play for,” Puryear said. “As long as you have a good attitude, as long as you play as hard as you can possibly play, he has no problem with you at all. In that aspect, he’s a pretty easy coach to play for. The thing is, not everybody can do those things.”

I’m happy that Jontay reached a decision he was comfortable with, and I’m happy for Martin that he gets to coach Porter for another year. Mostly, though, I’m happy for us — we get to watch him in a Mizzou uniform for another year. Didn’t look like that was going to be the case for a little while there.

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