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Torrence Watson on Snapchat, lol at Kansas football, and where’s LeBron going?

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A Mizzou blog is the perfect place to talk about LeBron James and Anthony Bourdain.

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NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If you like behind the scenes looks at Missouri Basketball, get to SnapChat and/or Instagram and follow Torrence Watson.

Chapter 1 ...

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Watson chronicles the little moments behind the scenes with his new Tiger teammates and everyone gets a spot. They play Madden, Fortnite, and plenty of hoops. It’s one insight into the new-look Tigers.

The Warriors crushed the souls of the Cavaliers last night, and LeBron James is going to be a free agent.

There isn’t a very compelling reason for LeBron to stay in Cleveland, they took advantage of a young Eastern Conference to get into the Finals this year. Overall the Cavs roster isn’t great and it took a Herculean effort from LeBron James, one of the best playoff runs from a single player I’ve ever witnessed, to get them in to the Finals.

The second part is the Warriors aren’t going anywhere. It’s possible the long seasons might wear them down at some point and cause breakdowns physically. But outside of that the Warriors only have one team who has come close to beating them in a series and that team is Houston, not Cleveland.

So what does LeBron want? Does he want to win or compete?

He isn’t going to win in Cleveland anymore. Not without a roster overhaul. And with the Cavs budget restrictions a successful overhaul seems unlikely.

So I think you’ll see Philadelphia make a pitch. You’ll see Houston make a pitch. LeBron just has to decide if winning a Championship is the most important thing to him at this point, or if simply competing for the playoffs and a shot in the Finals is enough?

It should be a really interesting offseason in the NBA.

Bill is good at making fun of Kansas

It’s hard to top the first headline, but each one is golden.

People discovering RATM is fun

Especially when it’s someone who isn’t usually exposed to whatever sort of genre you consider Rage Against the Machine to be.

As a noted food blog, I think it’s only appropriate we pen an obit to our fallen friend, Anthony Bourdain.

Turner Upfront 2017 - Show Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

In case you missed it:

I’m sure there will be better written and more appropriate stories to be told about the amazing life of Anthony Bourdain, but he was as an important figure in my life as any else who I’d never personally met and only watched on television.

Anthony Bourdain entered my life when I had my first bartending job that didn’t simply involve pouring beer or opening beer. His book, Kitchen Confidential, was handed to me by the executive chef with the sole direction to read. To say it changed my life would be an overstatement, but I loved the read and still possess the book. It didn’t speak to me the way it did some kitchen-lifers, but it was still fun and informative and a phenomenal story.

Through his book I found the Travel Channel television show “No Reservations” which ended up a scheduled recording on my DVR (back when I had a cable and a DVR). It was through his show, his adventures all over the world that I discovered my own passion and appreciation for excellent food and drink. It was because of Bourdain my passion for travel came out as well. Me and my wife make it a point to travel even when we can’t truly afford it.

Bourdain’s love of Spain and spanish food and culture became my love of spanish food and culture. It was because of this love my honeymoon was spent in the Basque region of Spain and France.

When a young chef asked Bourdain for advice, he said go work at Mugaritz in Donostria-San Sebastian because it’s the best restaurant in the world. He said it was the best restaurant, so 8 months before our trip I made reservations at there and then we had the best dining experience of my life.

Anthony Bourdain’s approach to life is a tall gangly American looking cautiously around the pintxos at Bar Zeruko and being approached an english speaking Spaniard offering help. The American vigorously using Google Translate to learn the menu items and fixating on Las Mojellas, when pointing to the location of this dish on the board the Spaniard, surprised and with a nod, says: “You know what this is?”

We made the promise to get out and experience new things and new places with each subsequent trip and I can’t wait until we circle back to Spain.

Once he traded in No Reservations for Parts Unknown, our time together became less frequent. But his impact on me and my priorities remains in tact. Bourdain loved good food and better company. He understood good food didn’t need to be served on starch white table cloths, and good company didn’t have to mean close friends and family. There’s a world of potential for great meals and better conversation.

Find them and have them.