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Drew Lock’s Mizzou recruitment had some late intrigue

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Like I wrote yesterday, it’s #ProfileSZN, and the first one is going to be a long one. Brian Neuner, in a special released on both and, is taking a serial look at Drew Lock, starting with his upbringing and recruitment in Part One (of five).

Beyond all the normal stuff — athletic family, basketball player, competitor, etc. — the most interesting part of the first installment was Michigan’s late recruitment of Lock, after he committed to Missouri in April 2014.

Via Neuner’s profile:

Drew had already completed his senior football season, so Harbaugh’s only chance to watch this quarterback recruit was during the basketball season. Appreciating Harbaugh’s passion for football and his aggressive style, Drew was intrigued. He verbally committed to Missouri, but national letter of intent signing day was still to come, and recruiting is never over until the letter is signed.

They talked at length several times. Harbaugh knew exactly where to apply pressure and create doubt.

”I really liked Coach Harbaugh, but he was trying to get me to change my mind,” Drew said. “He told me I would never make it to the NFL if I went to Missouri. He said he would be the best coach to groom me for the NFL.”

Jim Harbaugh, stand-up guy.

I know, I know. A lot of coaches on the recruiting trail will say things like this. But why say something so patently false? Three of Missouri’s four previous starting quarterbacks at that time were currently in the NFL at the time (December 2014/January 2015): Brad Smith, Chase Daniel and Blaine Gabbert.

I also found that section interesting given where the story is running — in addition to PowerMizzou, it’s on Missouri’s official athletics web site. Usually, you don’t see content that paints another coach or team in a negative light on an official athletics site. Not any big deal, but that jumped out to me.

Looking forward to the ensuing four parts of this Drew Lock series.

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