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Ready for football? How about an updated Mizzou roster to tide you over

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. The football beast is starting to awaken, and we’ve got an updated roster to prove it. dropped an updated roster for the 2018 Missouri football team, with newcomers and new numbers.

Here are the freshmen’s numbers, for your convenience:

1 — DB Tyrone Collins

6 — RB Tyler Badie

8 — WR Kam Scott

8 — DB Jarvis Ware

9 — RB/WR Jalen Knox (listed as RB but belief is that he’ll play WR)

13 — WR Khmari Thompson

15 — DE Trajan Jeffcoat

16 — LB Gerald Nathan, Jr.

17 — DB Chris Mills

20 — RB Simi Bakare

28 — DL Jatorian Hansford

32 — LB Nick Bolton

33 — LB Chad Bailey

40 — LB Cameron Wilkins

52 — DL Daniel Parker

64 — OL Bobby Lawrence

72 — OL Xavier Delgado

73 — OL Mike Ruth

76 — OL Javon Foster

80 — TE Messiah Swinson

86 — WR Chritauskie Dove

Also, Oregon safety transfer Khalil Oliver will wear No. 20. The only freshman not listed on the roster at this point is receiver Danny Gray.

2. Another installment of the Drew Lock-umentary.

This time, the series running on both and focuses on down-to-earth Drew Lock on a more personal level.

More good stuff in this installment, but I’ve gotta say, the best part for me was this throwaway story on Norm Stewart:

Actually, Lock wasn’t even the biggest name in the joint on this night. Missouri basketball legend Norm Stewart was striding toward a table of 10 with a glass of wine in each hand.

”You drinking double-fisted tonight, Norm,” a patron asked.

Stewart responded: “You would think a person would recognize when a real gentleman is carrying his wife’s drink along with his own.”

My God, just a soul-crushing burn by Norm. I’d be re-evaluating my life if I was on the receiving end of that one. You go from what you think is a light-hearted joke in front of your pals to having your very character destroyed.

And then it’s recounted in an article, some time later, which isn’t even about Norm Stewart!


3. More potential honors for Karissa Schweizer

Missouri’s greatest track star ever won just about everything she could during her time in Columbia, and she’s up for another collegiate honor.

This time, she’s a candidate for the NCAA’s Woman of the Year.

The field for this race, however, is a bit more crowded:

Schweizer is one of a record 581 female college athletes up for the 2018 award.

A lot of competition, but Schweizer is a very worthy candidate for this award.

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