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What we learned about Mizzou at SEC Media Days

Drew Lock, raw and uncut — plus some team news

Drew Lock Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

Missouri’s spin through SEC Media Days at the College Football Hall of Fame came and went on Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what fans need to know about what Barry Odom, Drew Lock, Terry Beckner and Terez Hall said.

1. Drew Lock, raw and uncut.

This is the story of one Heisman-contending star quarterback, who stops being polite and starts getting real. Drew Lock had himself a day with the media, and I for one am all for it.

There’s this:

And this:

Oh, and what about this?

Here’s what I like about this Drew Lock. His rhetoric is flawless. He’s not out here trash-talking opponents or stirring up more public beef with emotional arguments. He’s crushing opponents with cold, hard facts. Yeah, Cece, Faurot Field is quiet — that’s usually what happens when the home team is on offense.

The quote about Tom Herman’s mockery isn’t even the best part, either. From Ben Baby of the Dallas Morning News:

“If a head coach- does anyone know how old he is? I don’t know -- a head coach at the University of Texas, which is one of the top five programs of all time, is mocking a dance I do after I throw a touchdown, I think I’m playing some pretty good quarterback right there at that time,” Lock said.

Again, pointing out that the person doing the mocking of a college athlete is 43 years old is pretty great. If Lock is as loose as on the field as he was during SEC Media Days, he’s going to put up some huge numbers.

2. I’m glad we’re seeing more of Barry Odom’s personality.

Off the field (and off-the-record), Barry Odom has been one of the most likeable college coaches I’ve covered. He’s loose, he’s personable and he’s down-to-earth. In front of the media, though, Odom gets more closed-off and scripted.

That seems to be changing.

Do little quips like these matter for wins and losses? No, of course not. But it’s nice for fans to get to see more and more of Odom’s personality, and what makes him so likeable behind-the-scenes with those who cover him.

3. Odom hands off play-calling duties to Ryan Walters.

This is a good thing! From the onset, Odom always said he had issues delegating. This is definitely growth as a head college football coach, as defensive coordinator Ryan Walters will take over defensive play calling from Odom.

Odom has been bullish on Walters’ career trajectory from the get-go, and if Walters is as talented as Odom believes, then Missouri’s defense could take a big step forward this year. Of course, Odom will maintain a voice in game planning, but handing off play calling to Walters will free Odom to see the big picture instead of getting stuck in the weeds.

4. Kaleb Prewett is no longer on the team.

Not a shock, but still no official reason given for Prewett’s dismissal from the team. Missouri now has to replace both safeties from 2017, although Prewett has not been with the team for some time now.

Odom also told reporters that Oregon safety transfer Khalil Oliver is on campus. That’s one name that will factor in the safety dance.

5. Terry Beckner vs. a wolf

I’m picking Beckner.