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Recappin’ Missouri’s romp through SEC Media Days, new football game scheduled

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Kind of a busy day on Wednesday!

The Missouri contingent went through the SEC Media Day carwash. A lot was said! Some news broke (Kaleb Prewett — gone, officially. As are Barry Odom’s defensive playcalling duties).

Miss something? Here’s a good place to start:

What we learned about Mizzou at SEC Media Days

Did you miss Barry Odom’s turn at the podium? Here’s a full transcription. Odom had quite the opening statement.

More #content below.

2. Drew Lock doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

Lock definitely stole the show as he bluntly addressed multiple issues — Tom Herman’s mocking of his TD celebration, Cece Jefferson’s quote about Missouri fans, etc. — but I thought this column by Gabe DeArmond of really summed up all the stakes nicely.

So this is the new Drew Lock. Doubt him if you will. He wants you to. He wants to prove you wrong. And when he does, he wants to tell you about it.

“It’s not going to change the way I play,” Lock said. “It’s not going to change the way people play us. Talk is talk, but once the ball gets snapped, nobody is thinking about the shit that was talked, no one’s thinking about any of that. Just thinking about, I’m going to do my job and play the best game of football I can.”

We can also finally put to rest what Lock drank out of the water bottle that was thrown at him during the South Carolina game in 2016.

3. Lock, Beckner address their returns

Via Brendan Lavell of the Columbia Missourian:

“Me and Terry had a moment after Arkansas where we talked about, ‘This is why we came here, to do special stuff like this,’ Lock said. “Get to a bowl game, beat our rival in Arkansas. We’ve been through some stuff. Terez has as well, so I’m happy to see success come for all three of us at the end of our careers.”

Beckner said the decision to come back was easy.

“Really, it was just coming back for my brothers,” Beckner said, “finishing up with them one last time and getting my degree.”

4. Another surgery for Michael Porter, Jr.

I mean, it’s another back surgery, which can’t be good — but this time, it might be good? I don’t know.

5. Set your calendars for Sep. 3, 2022.

Missouri will host South Dakota on Sep. 3, 2022. That’s four years away. So you have time to make preparations.

From South Dakota coach Bob Nielson, via the Argus Leader:

“This is an exciting matchup for our program, fans and alumni,” said Nielson. “It marks another great opportunity for us to compete against one of the best teams in the country.”

Yesterday at Rock M

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