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Torrence Watson is used to carrying a big scoring load

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Happy Monday! Let’s hear from incoming Mizzou freshman guard Torrence Watson.

“The first thing I realized about Coach Martin is, he keeps it real with us. When I came in, he told me I have a chance to play, but I’m gonna have to earn it. He’s a very tough coach, but I love that about him.”

By the way, at the 26-second mark, we get another glimpse of transfer Dru Smith’s glorious hair. I just can’t say how much I enjoy that coiff. It is truly spectacular.

Anyway, PowerMizzou caught up with Watson’s Whitfield High coach recently, too.

Do you believe Torrence feels pressure to come in and contribute immediately with Missouri losing guys like Kassius Robertson and Jordan Barnett that really carried a lot of the scoring load for them last year?

I don’t think so, no. Torrence has been having to deal with that for the last two years having to produce not only for himself, but also for our high school team. I do think there’s an opportunity there for him, though, to earn more playing time than a traditional freshman would have.

This weekend at Rock M

More Links:

  • Another St. Louis target, Parkway North’s CJ Boone, might or might not be considering Mizzou all that much, but he certainly got some pretty good art from the Tigers recently.
  • Recent QB commit Connor Bazelak got the PowerMizzou film room treatment. The short version: he’s pretty good.
  • On the hoops side, a backup plan appears to be off the board. East St. Louis’ Terrence Hargrove Jr. committed to SLU.