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Terez Hall gets some watch-list love and should be poised for a big year

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Add LB Terez Hall to #WatchListSZN

Missouri linebacker Terez Hall was one of 51 players announced on the Butkus Award Watch List, 12 of which came from the SEC.

I’m not going to get on on a soapbox here for a second-straight day about Missouri players snubbed from the preseason all-SEC teams, but Hall could be poised for a big year in his second year as a starter.

(Daniel Jones of the Columbia Tribune mentions Hall as an “honorable mention” for his Missouri all-SEC snubs.)

If you’re going by Pro Football Focus grades — and they do a very comprehensive job of grading players on every play — Terez Hall AND Cale Garrett are two of the top 20 returning SEC players (not just linebackers or defensive players, but overall players) for 2018. Garrett actually graded out a little higher than Hall in 2017, but Hall’s second half of the season was among the best in the conference.

There are a lot of question marks about Missouri’s defense, especially the secondary, but having Hall and Garrett manning the middle of the defense should be a huge steadying factor.

2. Hey, Missouri gets a game in the SEC/Big 12 challenge!

The women’s basketball team will travel to face West Virginia on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Now, if only they’d select the men’s team for the SEC/Big 12 challenge. Missouri hasn’t been selected for that since the 2014/2015 season.

3. Missed this over the weekend — Karissa Schweizer signs with a professional team.

Before Schweizer signed with Nike and the Bowerman Track Club, she was still running as a Missouri athlete, despite graduating.

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