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It’s #NightAtTheZou tonight, so Mizzou Football goes on Commitment watch

Recruits are heading to Columbia!

NCAA Football: Missouri at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Night at the Zou is HAPPENING!

Jeremy Maclin’s cousin Jay Maclin holds a Mizzou offer as a 2020 prospect, and he’s tagged Arvell Ferguson in his tweet. Ferguson is a 2019 DE/OLB with a Mizzou offer and both kids play at Kirkwood and are headed to the annual “Night at the Zou” event. It’s been a successful event in the past, netting multiple commitments, and Ferguson could be next up.

There will be a host of other in-state and out of state players unofficially visiting Missouri this weekend so we’re fully on commitment watch just in case something pops.

If no commitments happen over the weekend, we know things will start happening soon enough, with Maurice Massey expected to make his choice soon between Illinois and Missouri, Martez Manuel said to be making a decision very soon, and 4-star WR Marcus Washington down to a final two of Ohio State and Missouri. It’s going to be an eventful couple weeks for Tiger Football.

Barry Odom & Drew Lock meet older gentlemen

Kidding, obviously. Still a good tweet.

Good thing Coach Odom (or whoever is tweeting for him) has semi good grammar or that could have turned into “much respect for the legend @DrewLock23” which I am also in favor of.

C’mon J’mon

Mizzou fans know a lot about J’Mon Moore and how earnest of a worker he is. He always caught more flack than he deserved seeing as how he was one of the best Wide Receivers in Missouri history. So it’s great to see him working hard with one of the truly elite quarterbacks in the NFL right now. That’s a good way to gain early trust and get on the field sooner rather than later.

Probably my favorite offseason #NBATwitter moment so far

For those who don’t listen to the Lowe Post Podcast, with Zach Lowe, Howard Beck is a frequent guest and Lowe ALWAYS greets him by saying: What up, Beck?

So obviously, this followed:

Team USA had their pictures taken and well... it could have gone better for John Wall.

This is excellent. None of the Team USA members necessarily took great photos, but the internet ran with Walls.

Have a great Saturday everyone.