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‘Get to know’ Mizzou’s K.J. Santos

The UIC transfer is an intriguing addition.

UIC Athletics

Of all the Mizzou newcomers (at least those eligible to play this upcoming season), the most intriguing is probably K.J. Santos. Yesterday, the Mizzou Basketball twitter account made K.J. the latest to be profiled in a short Q&A video:

Standing 6’8 and weighing around 225 lbs, Santos certainly has the measurements to be a standout. But as a guy who hasn’t played in a competitive game in a year and a half, and didn’t average double figures for a below .500 Horizon league team, there are far more questions about Santos than answers.

Yet we’re all kind of expecting him to be a significant contributor to the team this season, and many even think he might start. We don’t know what we’re going to get from Santos, and that’s part of what makes him so intriguing.

Yep. We’re going to have plenty of time to dissect Santos from what we have during his time at UIC, but in the meantime we’ll just enjoy videos of him dunking.

Rivals updated their 2020 recruiting rankings

Some top Missouri targets made the list (from Matt again):

There are a few others who have Missouri interest on the list, but the big move was made by Caleb Love, from CBC in St. Louis.

If you’ve listened to the podcast by this point, you know how much I like Caleb Love. I’ve been on Love since I first laid eye on him as a prospect his freshman season. He moved up more recently into the top 100, but only with this most recent update did he fit inside the top 50. I think Love is just beginning to figure it out and could be a top 30 prospect if he continues putting things together. He’s got elite bounce off the floor and has an intimate feel for the flow of the game.

Missouri is recruiting Love as hard as they’re going after anyone regardless of class. And they should.

I’ve caught World Cup Fever

Croatia’s Daniel Subašić moving the way he does in this clip is pretty miraculous after this shot just minutes earlier:

Through the last few minutes of regulation and the entirety of extra time and overtime, Subašić could barely kick the ball for fear of further aggravating whatever injury he was dealing with. I’m not convinced he pulled his hamstring as many were speculating, but a cramp is entirely possible. If not a cramp, then a twinge or a slight pull is something you can play through. If it was a cramp, as many of you know, the one movement would certainly lead him right back into a world of pain. Which he did multiple times. Doesn’t make what he accomplished afterwards any less incredible.

I’m happy Russia is out because they played the equivalent of the four corners offense in basketball... it’s dull. I get why they play that way, but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable.

Luka Modrić on the other hand is a blast to watch. A small man with a seemingly endless supply of energy, Croatia has a very fun team to watch and Modrić is a big reason why.

This is just incredible

As a fan of the song, and a bit of an Apple nerd on top of it... I found this whole thing fascinating.