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We’re three weeks from kickoff

Football games inch closer, and other tweets from around the twittersphere.

Missouri v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

When I was growing up one of my favorite shows on TV (and this is really going to date me) was This Week In Baseball. The weekly Saturday morning television show broke down the highlights around MLB from the previous week. Growing up as a kid in the 1980s there weren’t many avenues to watch the stars of baseball play and this was a short glimpse into the rest of the league.

This week in baseball was shortened to TWIB, and in it’s honor I think we can call this silly Saturday morning post TWIT. Seems apropos, no? Anyway, let’s get to the tweets!


Mizzou football is kicking off in three weeks and that in itself is exciting. If you aren’t getting pumped you have the opportunity to see and hang out with some of the football team tonight at Faurot Field.

While College Football is gearing up with practices and practices and more practices, the NFL is in full pre-season swing right now. And our favorite former Tiger QB had some fun with his teammates.

Meet Chicago Bears Super-Fan Chase Daniel

Just a moment to appreciate, or re-appreciate if you’ve already watched, this video and the reaction of Mitch Trubisky realizing he’s just signed an autograph for his back up quarterback.


Everyone’s favorite college basketball twitter meme Jon Rothstein released his preseason SEC picks and Missouri slotted in at 9th. I’m still making my way through the preseason stats and whatnot I normally do before writing my SEC preseason breakdowns but I do see Mizzou squarely in the middle of the pack right now.

Rothstein also picked Jeremiah Tilmon as a potential breakout candidate and Torrence Watson as an under the radar freshman.

If Denver is your new favorite NBA team, that means you can pick up an Eastern Conference team to root for as well and choose the Bucks

Barnett is a good fit for the NBA as a 3 & D type. It’ll be tough to make the roster and stick long term but his game translates so the opportunity is there. So pick up a Bucks t-shirt and let the Giannis Antetokoumpo-led Bucks into your heart.

The NCAA makes more bad decisions

I’ll be honest in saying I’m not exactly sure what they’re trying to solve but it’s not the problem the FBI uncovered. But keep doing what it is you do NCAA.


Do not want. this honestly makes me gag and I can’t imagine spending $75 to try to eat this just to get your face on the jumbotron.

This is an amazing and terrific story

In the most horrific way possible of course. But the boyfriends first mistake was doubting Russell Westbrook.

Have a great weekend everyone, and get out to Faurot if you can and say hi to your 2018 Tigers.