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A possible youth movement on Missouri’s defensive line?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Terry Beckner vs. UConn Derrick Forsythe (Rock M Nation)

1. The new redshirt rule gives Missouri more time to find out who it has at defensive end.

That would be Jatorian Hansford, Trajan Jeffcoat and Daniel Parker, and Matter’s tweet brings up a good point at some of the perceived depth issues that Missouri has on both sides of the ball.

The new redshirt rule — players can appear in four games and still be allowed to use a redshirt year — gives Missouri some flexibility to figure out what it has in the newcomers this fall. That’s especially important at defensive end, where Missouri has a bunch of guys but no real known commodities.

So, while Missouri doesn’t really have a “let’s ease into it” non-conference schedule, exposing the freshmen at some less-than-important moments could pay some big dividends later in the year.

It’s also interesting to note that, historically, Missouri HASN’T played many true freshmen defensive ends. Of the big names of recent history — Shane Ray, Michael Sam, Kony Ealy, etc. — none of them avoided a redshirt.

Matter also gives a tremendous overview of where the team stands currently in his latest Mizzou notebook, and it’s (obviously) worth a read.

2. Missouri lands three on CBS Sports preseason All-American teams

And none are named Drew Lock, Terry Beckner Jr. or Terez Hall.

Here are the full teams from CBS Sports.

Missouri gets three second-team nods in tight end Albert Okwuegbunam, punter Corey Fatony and returner Richaud Floyd.

Not a whole lot of gripes from me about the guys not on the list. It’s a stacked year at defensive line (I mean, all four of Clemson’s defensive linemen could have been on these teams and three of them were), so I understand why Beckner isn’t included. Hall is more of the hipsters’ SEC linebacker this year, so I get that he’s flying under the radar. And then Lock — Will Grier and Trace McSorley are fine inclusions. At least it’s not Lock getting snubbed for SEC quarterbacks.

3. Letters from Camp!

Video too!



Brandon Lee sets example by pursuing MBA in final season at Mizzou, via the Kansas City Star

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