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Reading into Marcus Washington’s delay, a new Mizzou commitment and camp is here

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. 4-star St. Louis (Mo.) receiver Marcus Washington pushes back his commitment date

And pushes it back indefinitely, at that.

A couple of possibilities to read into this. First — and this is the prevailing thought — is that Washington was going to pick Ohio State on Aug. 7 (his original commitment date) and with the uncertainty with Urban Meyer, he’s pumping the brakes.

The other possibility, however, is that he was a Missouri lean, but given the fact that a seemingly untouchable coach may suddenly get the boot, he’s re-evaluating his entire recruiting process to make sure he’s 100-percent ready to commit when he announces.

Whichever way you choose to view it — and Washington hasn’t gone on the record to explain the delay in more detail — this shouldn’t be doom and gloom for Missouri. Either he was going to commit to OSU and now he isn’t (good for Missouri!) or he was going to commit to Missouri but wants to be certain (and that means they’re still a leader).

Let’s let this one percolate for a bit.

2. Three-star Texas OT commits to Mizzou

The tweet, in case you missed it: caught up with Robinson to get the lowdown on his commitment (free):

This part jumped out to me, but probably just because of the recent news about Urban Meyer:

“it just felt like the atmosphere was different. The coaches seemed close,” Robinson said. “I feel like sometimes you go on a visit and it seems like the coaches hide stuff. The Missouri coaches definitely didn’t give off that type of vibe at all.”

3. The preseason Coaches Poll is out...

And, no surprise, Missouri isn’t on it. Not a huge surprise. But Missouri isn’t even receiving votes? And teams like Kentucky and Boston College are? Huh.

Also, it should be noted that 4-7 Florida is receiving the second-most votes for teams not in the top 25. That just seems lazy.

4. Good morning, #CampSZN is here

We’ll have our own coverage from camp on Rock M Nation, but Missouri’s first practice starts at 9:30 am Friday morning. Here are the final camp previews from across the Mizzouniverse:

Dave Matter takes a look at Albert Okwuegbunam’s possible encore performance.

And the Kansas City Star breaks down Missouri’s season by game.

5. Chase Daniel gets the start in the Chicago Bears’ first preseason game

And doesn’t do great. Daniel completed 8-of-16 attempts for 53 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He was also sacked twice.

Here’s his touchdown, the classic fullback check-down Madden route:

Another former Missouri quarterback fared a bit better in his game on Thursday:

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links: