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Missouri hoops coming to Kansas City in 2019; Tigers fans among happiest in SEC

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Missouri will likely play a Big 12 team in Kansas City in 2019!

No, not that one.

2. Apparently Missouri ranks third in the SEC in the “Fan Happiness Index”

I have no idea about the methodology for this.

Despite what it seems like on message boards or the InterWebz, it certainly seems like Missouri has a more rational fanbase than most SEC schools — it terms of expectations, for instance. So maybe that’s why Missouri’s ranked so high here.

3. Brandon Lee: Framing up running backs and photos

Nice video feature by the Missouri athletic department on senior linebacker Brandon Lee and his hobby of photography.

4. Rounding up that football content

5. ICYMI: Missouri’s new hoops unis are incredible

This is how you mix tradition with modern design. That’s why everyone approves of them.


Yesterday at Rock M

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