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Welcoming new writers, and some other good Mizzou things

New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Some really exciting news happened yesterday for Rock M Nation, and I’m not just talking about actual sports taking place! We announced our two new football beat writers joining the team. Moving into a new era where Bill C. isn’t a part of the site is certainly weird, but having to replace Tashan Reed was going to be an equally big challenge for all he did last year.

So we’re doing our part to throw two new writers at the problem!

You’re probably familiar with Ryan Herrera for his plethora of articles on Mizzou baseball in the spring, he makes the transition to football after spending his summer covering a multitude of sports at the Columbia Tribune.

Meanwhile Jack Parodi joins us after spending some time writing about the Cardinals for 590 KFNS in St. Louis and we couldn’t be more excited for the tag team of him and Ryan will continue to elevate this site.

And there’s more to come as well.

Chase Daniel has the best job in sports

Part of me has always felt Chase deserved a shot, but he’s got to be one of the best compensated guys who have played so little in the history of the league. A good solid backup should be easier to come by, but with the state of quarterback play in the NFL it’s no wonder teams are willing to pay so much for Daniel even when he never gets a shot.

He’s a known reliable quantity who just happens to have backed up some really elite quarterbacks during his time in the NFL. Congrats to Chase on a great career, keep it going as long as you can.

Maybe my favorite offseason story is what Mizzou Hoops did last week:

Cuonzo Martin took his staff and a few select players to take part in free basketball clinics in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. Kevin Puryear roamed like a celebrity amongst the kids in Kansas City, and Martin the East St. Louis legend was joined by Jackie Joyner-Kersey to help some wide-eyed kids in St. Louis.

On one hand, Martin is one of the few who walk the walk as well as they talk the talk. He not only puts money into things, but he puts time, energy, and effort into helping those who need help. It truly is remarkable what sort of man Jim Sterk hired. I don’t know how many games Cuonzo Martin coached teams will win over the years, but there aren’t many men in charge of college programs like him.

The other hand? I see this as a smart move in a lot of ways. Not only are you doing something positive for the community, but one area where Missouri has struggled is to label itself as THE University in the state. Children grow up in Kansas City and St. Louis and Springfield and Columbia and don’t think of Missouri as their school. But if you show up and look them in the eyes, that can help to change things.

Maybe that puts a few more t-shirts and sweatshirts with a Mizzou logo in elementary schools around the area, maybe it’s a few less Ohio State or Kentucky shirts and more Tigers. Make those kids want to be Tigers fans from the start.

The B1G Football coaches had a weird week...

I mean... I’m not surprised by this stupidity in the least. Football coaches are certainly of a type and Harbaugh fits it to a ‘T’.

Meanwhile, the Wolverines arch-rival did NOT have a good week.

Urban Meyer seems to be a win-at-all-costs kind of guy. It burnt him out at Florida and now he’s stepped in it big time. He and his now former Wide Receivers coach made some questionable media decisions and basically made everything worse, if that was possible.

If you’re an Ohio State fan and you care at all about the integrity of your University you would have to want Meyer fired.

Sesame Street is still fantastic after all these years

Also this might be my favorite thing on Twitter in the last year: