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Pumping the brakes on Missouri’s returning offensive experience

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. On Wednesday, Derek Dooley threw some water on the “Missouri returns a lot of offensive starters” parade.

ICYMI, here’s my full article from practice on Wednesday, where Dooley went on a pretty solid preseason rant on the media’s expectations for his offense.

Here’s the rant, fully transcribed:

“How many guys made all-conference last year? On our offense? I’m just curious, because we talk about these guys are entrenched, how did the backups do?

“How many guys made all-conference?”

“That’s what I thought. If you haven’t made all-conference yet, then it’s open season. That’s how I feel. And if you have made all-conference, then you need to keep performing at that level.

“But until we start having All-Americans, all-conference players, it doesn’t matter that you started. You might have started by default, because we didn’t get anybody better than you. It doesn’t mean you’re good.

“We clear on that? With the starting deal? Starting pissing me off.”

I give it an 8/10, just for the kicker at the end.

2. Not everyone got the memo from Dooley, however.

Athlon Sports ranked the top 25 offensive lines for 2018, and (gulp) Missouri checks in at seventh, behind some pretty elite company in Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, Stanford, and Oklahoma.

Here’s what Athlon says about Missouri’s line:

Keeping quarterback Drew Lock’s jersey clean and away from defenders is a must if Missouri wants to be a top 25 team this year. With all five starters returning up front, that shouldn’t be a problem for the Tigers’ offensive line. This unit allowed only eight sacks in SEC contests last season and helped the offense average 193.5 rushing yards a contest. Right tackle Paul Adams is an Athlon Sports second-team All-SEC selection for 2018, with Yasir Durant expected to anchor the left side. Kevin Pendleton and Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms topped the depth chart at the guard position at SEC Media Days, with sophomore Trystan Colon-Castillo at center.

But don’t show that to Derek Dooley!

3. Letters from Camp!

(No one seemed particularly concerned that Hall’s injury will be a long-term issue.)

Freshman Dom Gicinto (REMEMBER THAT NAME!) is looking to make Kansas City proud, writes the Kansas City Star. also caught up with Dom Gicinto in a Q&A.

Mizzou returns wealth of experience on O-line, writes the Columbia Daily Tribune.

4. Max Scherzer... pretty, pretty good

Missed this from Tuesday.

Editor’s note: Can’t beat my Braves, though...

Yesterday at Rock M