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Welcome to Speaker’s Circle with Josh Matejka!

Josh is joined by Jack Parodi talkin’ Mizzou Football and a little bit of everything.

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Wyoming v Missouri Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome back to Rock M Radio and another episode with Josh Matejka! This podcast has a NAME! Welcome to Speaker’s Circle. This podcast explores some of the other voices on Rock M Nation and this week, Josh welcomes Jack Parodi to the pod! They get into plenty of happenings around Mizzou, including Mizzou Football and a preview of Purdue. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:
:15 – 3:45: Welcome back to Speakers’ Circle and let’s welcome in Jack Parodi and his Pizza habits.
3:46 – 8:40: Who is Jack Parodi and how did you choose Mizzou?
8:41 – 15:45: What does the Mizzou Football Staff like about Knox and what about Ofodile? Also, what is up with Nate Brown right now?
15:47 – 17:17: Why are Powell and Wilson listed as OR as QB2?
17:18 – 22:32: Tyler Badie handling kickoffs vs. Rountree III and as a running back in general.
22:35 – 26:00: What are some things you thought were encouraging after the Wyoming game and what we have seen from the Defense as well?
26:01 – 42:42: Mizzou is 2-0 heading to Purdue. Let’s Preview it!
42:43 – 44:02: One player that will stand out against Purdue and a score prediction!
44:03 – 48:30: Back to the Namesake of this podcast… What is your favorite of the 7 traditions all Mizzou students are supposed to do?
48:31 – END: Thank you for tuning in. Be sure to rate/review/and subscribe to Rock M Radio wherever you get your podcasts!

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