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LOOK: Missouri unveils new uniform combo for Purdue game

And it is fantastic.

missouri football-mizzou-uniform combination-new uniforms Missouri Athletic Department

Missouri’s uniform changes beginning in the 2012 season have been hit or miss, with a decent amount of combinations but not a lot of variety.

Arguably, Missouri’s cleanest uniform look in this new Nike era came against BYU in 2015, with an all-white look and an over-sized, chrome Power Tiger on the helmet.

Now, ahead of the match-up against Purdue, Missouri is going back to an all-white look for the first time since that game against the Cougars nearly three years ago.

See for yourself:

My only criticism is that, for some personal reason, it bothers me when teams use three colors on the uniform, but then only two on the helmet. While there are gold accents on the uniforms, there is no gold on the helmet.

For a better look at the helmet, check it out here: