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Drew Lock, Purdue fan bond over trash talk; Missouri’s 2019 football schedule released

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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1. If you’re a Missouri fan, you’ve seen the picture by now.

I’m talking about Missouri players holding a Purdue fan-made sign with the 2016 Purdue-Missouri score and a chyron that reads “BREAKING NEWS: Mizzou Still Sucks.”

This one:

On Tuesday, Lock explained his side of the story regarding how he ended up with that sign. Later that day, Reddit user GoCardinals74 — the Purdue student responsible for the sign — gave his side of the story.

It’s fantastic:

GoCardinals74 writes:

My friends and I were irate. That thing cost money and Lock just stole it out of my hands. Absurd. The campus police officer stationed by the student section told us to contact the athletic department if we wanted to make an attempt to get our money or sign back, and we planned on doing just that.

However, on the way out of the stadium, I decided to have a couple buddies and I wait around by the Mizzou buses just to see if the sign came out with anyone. We didn’t see the sign, but we did see Drew Lock. I was feeling brave I guess because I decided to approach him as he signed kids’ autographs. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Dude, you stole my sign. Can I at least get a selfie for that...?

Lock: Oh yeah man, of course! Have you seen it come out yet?

Me: No?

Lock: Ah, what the hell? Someone is supposed to bring it out to the buses. I’m going to hang it up in my room! I liked it man, all in good fun tonight!

Me: Agreed!

Then we got a selfie and he gave me a bro hug, and that was that. I was instantly relieved of my rage because Drew Lock is actually a really sincere, down-to-earth guy.

All’s well that ends well, but, man. You bring a trash-talking sign to a game and then you’re going to run to campus police when your team gets beat and the guy you trashed takes your sign?


2. Here’s Missouri’s 2019 football schedule.

Honestly, this is a pretty manageable schedule — which will be good in the first Drew Lock-less year:

A road game against Wyoming to start, then five straight games at home. Remember, Will Grier won’t be at quarterback for West Virginia, and Neal Brown very well may not be the head coach for Troy.

The back of the schedule is tougher than the front — three straight road games at Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Georgia won’t be easy. Then it’s rounded out by a road game at Arkansas, but in Little Rock (gross).

I don’t feel like this is an extremely challenging schedule. Am I wrong?

3. Recappin’ Missouri’s media day.

Not too many depth chart changes, and almost entirely good news. Yasir Durant is still atop the left tackle depth chart after suffering a leg injury against Purdue; CB Demarkus Acy (concussion) is listed as a starter.

DT Rashad Brandon is not on the depth chart and Barry Odom told reporters Brandon is away from the team dealing with a personal matter, but is expected back.

Perhaps the best news? WR Emanuel Hall is still listed as a starter and he expects to play.

(I completely agree. I was stunned that Missouri’s offense didn’t miss a beat with White. Durant is arguably their best lineman.)

Yesterday at Rock M

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