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#Locktober-fest must be right around the corner

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Drew Lock: Touchdown king, Content GOD.

There’s no shortage of Drew Lock-related content (Locktent? I’ll circle back here) this week. Missouri’s 3-0, Lock has looked pretty dang good and the Tigers now host No. 2 Georgia in the Bulldogs most intriguing early-season matchup (in hindsight of the South Carolina game).

So, yeah, a lot of Locktent.

First off, Chase Goodbread of goes deep on Lock, focusing mainly on Lock overcoming being damn near broken as a freshman to develop into a potential top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. A big portion focuses on Lock’s experience with the football boycott in 2015.

Lock tells Goodbread:

“I got my ass kicked all year, this thing on campus happened, coach Pinkel leaving -- it was a freshman year to remember,” he said.

There’s not a ton of new ground here — we’ve seen the “Drew Lock overcomes his freshman year struggles” feature a few times already — but it’s very much worth a read.

Meanwhile, dropped a look at how Drew Lock’s draft stock is rising after the first three games of the year. The author, Kalyn Kohler, talks about the key second-and-10 pass to Tyler Badie during the game-winning drive against Purdue as a key example of why Lock’s stock is rising.

Kohler writes:

This was the key play in the drive that set up Missouri’s game-winning field goal to beat Purdue on Saturday, and scouts took note of Lock’s poise as he kept his eyes downfield in a pressure-packed moment when the game was on the line. That play is a microcosm of what Lock needs to show in his senior year: better pocket presence and the ability to quickly move through his progressions.

There’s no doubting that Lock seems much more comfortable going through his progressions this year (although I do feel like that term is overblown and, without knowledge of what the play call is, tough to even gauge). It certainly helps that Lock hasn’t faced much pressure through three games.

The Georgia game will go a long way in determining whether Lock’s stock keeps rising, and if he stays in the Heisman race.

2. Preppin’ for Georgia

We’ve got some steel in the south endzone, folks.

Also, in addition to football recruits, we’ve got at least one big-time visitor for Saturday:

(I feel something too, Spoon. Wait. That didn’t sound right.)

3. The SEC basketball TV schedule is set.

Here’s the full list.

And if you want to see the Missouri-specific schedule, check it out here.

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