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In an alternate universe, a broken replay system vs. Purdue cost Missouri a win

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. This may explain the lack of some reviews early in the game.

Specifically, the possible fumble/backward pass on the first Purdue play of the game that was at least close enough to merit SOME attention:

But in an alternate universe, the replay system doesn’t get fixed, Jared Sparks’ touchdown stands and Missouri (possibly) loses the game. Although, in ANOTHER universe, Missouri punches the ball into the endzone on the final drive and wins. BUT THEN in another universe...

On a related note, are people still saying Sparks caught that pass? The ball clearly moved when it hit the ground and Sparks didn’t have full control of it.

2. Visitor list taking shape for Saturday.

A few recruits announced their impending visits to Missouri for the Georgia game on Saturday.

Isaiah McGuire is a 3-star 2019 defensive end from Tulsa, according to Missouri is his only FBS offer, so this one may be a commitment possibility this weekend. At 6-foot-5, 260-pounds, he certainly has the size for the line.

Maliq Carr is a 3-star 2020 receiver from Oak Park, Mich., who already has 12 verbal offers, including Missouri, Boston College, Iowa, Iowa State and Kentucky. As you can see in the picture, A.J. Ofodile and his Michigan connection seems to be doing some work here.

3. Battle of the Hype Videos

Both Missouri and Georgia dropped their weekly hype videos on Thursday. Let’s see how they stack up.

First, Missouri:

And here’s Georgia:

Both are slow-burns — Missouri has been exclusively a slow-burn this year — but I think I’d give the edge to Georgia for the compactness of the video. In and out in 45 seconds works better for a slow burn.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Considering Drew Lock led all players in TD passes last year, I feel like he also has the most TD passes over his last 16 games, too, right?
  • After what he did in the Super Bowl against Denver, Kony Ealy not being able to catch on with a team is one of the more puzzling developments of recent Missouri players in the pros. Good to see him getting more looks: