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HALFTIME TAKES: Missouri trails Georgia 20-7 in the manner we all expected

We knew Missouri’s defense would lead the way, right?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri’s defense is playing as well as you could hope, and then some.

The defense has given up six total points — two Rodrigo Blankenship field goals — and held Georgia to three of those points after a drive started at Missouri’s 7-yard line. Cam Hilton is having the game of his life so far with three big tackles and one for loss; Terry Beckner, Jr. out old-manned Georgia’s offensive line for a fourth-down stop.

Georgia has 148 total yards, averaging 4.6 yards per play. If you told me those numbers, I’d say Missouri would be comfortably in the lead.


Missouri’s offense is playing as poorly as you could fear, and then some.

Listen, some of these plays have been fluky. The Drew Lock interception off Johnathon Johnson’s shoulder pad and the JJ Stokes blocked punt (with his face) that bounces right to him for a touchdown return come to mind. But Missouri’s offensive line is getting outclassed, and Missouri’s secondary is getting worked — there’s been no separation downfield at all.

Drew Lock isn’t missing windows. There are no windows to be found. Missouri’s receivers are boarded up like a hurricane is approaching.

Derek Dooley is going to have to design some quick-hitters to get the ball to Emanuel Hall, Tyler Badie and Jalen Knox in space. Short passes need to be identified quickly, and allow those guys to make a play after the catch. Because right now, Georgia’s defensive line is getting too much pressure and Missouri’s offense isn’t getting anything to counter that.

Missouri should likely have at least three more points, but the Albert O fumble shows the worst part of being a fan.

Tucker McCann’s first field goal was good. I really don’t know how the officials botched this. But Albert Okwuegbunam’s fumble, returned for a TD by Tyson Campbell? Yeah, they probably could have blown that dead before the fumble; but before he drops the ball, you want Okwuegbunam to have a chance to get a first down. His 265-pound frame against two Georgia defensive backs? You hope — at first — they DON’T blow it dead.

It is what it is. But this game pretty clearly should be 20-10. Doesn’t mean a whole lot, but that’s certainly more palatable than a (nearly) 2-TD deficit.

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