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The McKinney legacy lives on at Mizzou

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.


The 2019 class is off and running

On yesterday’s links post, we looked at some tea leaves leading up to Mario McKinney’s scheduled commitment to his school of choice. All of them pointed to the Tigers. And perhaps while the most zany fan could have concocted a scenario where McKinney was planning an elaborate last-second announcement to Kansas State or Louisville, reliable ole Occam’s Razor won out.

McKinney’s nearly two minute video is worth the watch — not just for aesthetic purposes — as it slowly builds up to the climactic 15 seconds, with Mario looking down upon a picture of his cousin Jimmy in his No. 1 Mizzou uniform.

McKinney’s commitment has been an awaited occurrence for Cuonzo Martin and Tiger fans everywhere, and it seems like the players were pretty excited to get him on board.

Our very own Matt Harris — along with Rivals’ Eric Bossi ($$) — broke down what McKinney’s commitment means for Mizzou and how McKinney’s game compares with his cousin’s.

Where Jimmy McKinney’s game was fluid, controlled and polished, there’s bravado and physicality to Mario McKinney’s style. If Jimmy McKinney would finish a break by softly laying the ball off the glass, McKinney the Younger might be inclined to cock his hand back and finish with a flourish.

Welcome, Mario. It’s good to know you’re the newest member of the #Lou2TheZou movement.

Now about Liddell...

Of course, McKinney wasn’t the only target out of the St. Louis area for Mizzou. In fact, the other — combo forward EJ Liddell — was keeping a close eye on McKinney’s commitment, even complaining about the delay.

We know from past comments that the two are close friends and have considered playing together in college. And while those types of talks don’t usually play out exactly like they’re pitched, it sounds like Mario is going to give it his best effort.

“I think he’s definitely going to make a pitch,” [Corey] Frazier [McKinney’s AAU coach] said. “Why not have someone you consider a brother come with you?”

We still have to wait to hear Liddell’s final decision, but having a few good friends on the roster — Liddell also knows Mark Smith well — shouldn’t hurt.

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