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Hearnes Center damage (unfortunately) gives us a glimpse of history

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. Hearnes Center Time Machine

In case you hadn’t heard, a water main break caused $100,000 worth of damage to the venerable Hearnes Center over the weekend, necessitating extensive repairs.

That means we get a glimpse of the past as they replace the floor.

I’m no historian, but any ideas as to when the last time that flooring was exposed?

What ISN’T cool, however, is that it’s still unknown when Missouri teams — like the 12-2 volleyball squad — will be able to play in the Hearnes Center again.

2. National basketball recruiting analyst makes the case for all three of EJ Liddell’s finalists

This is a timely read for Missouri fans, as Eric Bossi of breaks down why 4-star power forward EJ Liddell could choose each of his finalists (Missouri, Illinois, Ohio State) early next week.

(It’s a free read, too.)

Nothing earth-shattering and all the reasons are pretty logical. Bossi, at the end, gives his prediction on where Liddell will commit, but I won’t spoil that before you click on the article.

3. This DeMarkus Acy stat seems interesting... I think?

I am by no means a stat-head, but I’ve seen contested targets for receivers — higher the catch percentage on those, the better the receiver. But I don’t know whether this percentage in itself is a good thing or a bad thing for Acy:

I’m assuming it implies that Acy is finding himself in position to make plays on the ball, and while he leads the team in pass break-ups through four (really, three) games, he only has two of those.

Still, could be something to watch over the coming weeks. If that stat holds up, there may be a jump in DeMarkus Acy interceptions.

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