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Week Two Media Day: Lock Not Surprised Hall Had Monster Game Against UT Martin

The Missouri quarterback saw a big game coming from wide receiver Emanuel Hall from the way the Skyhawks’ defense was playing him.

NCAA Football: Tennessee-Martin at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Four catches, 171 yards, two touchdowns.

That was wide receiver Emanuel Hall’s stat-line at the end of Missouri’s 51-14 victory over UT Martin Saturday — it’s the most yards Drew Lock’s top target has piled up in a single game in his career.

“I’m not a defensive coordinator by any means, but I’m definitely not going one [safety] high and pressing Emmanuel [Hall] if I’m UT Martin,” Lock said in a press conference Tuesday. “But that’s what they did.”

One would think an FCS team like UT Martin would make it a priority to do everything it can to stop the deep-threat in Hall, but Lock clearly thought it was obvious Hall would dominate in Saturday’s game.

The Skyhawks’ defensive scheme isn’t the only reason why Hall went off, though. The sheer difference in talent and athleticism between a top receiver in the SEC and an FCS secondary is hard to overcome.

“From top to bottom, [the SEC is] the best league in college football,” head coach Barry Odom said in Tuesday’s press conference.

The difference won’t be quite the same between Mountain West opponent Wyoming and Missouri, but another big game may be in store for Hall and Lock. The Cowboys gave up 41 points to Washington State Sept. 1, allowing first-year starting quarterback Gardner Mishew to go 38-for-57 (66.7 percent) for 319 yards and three touchdowns in the Cougars 41-19 victory.

Mishew isn’t a gun-slinger of Lock’s caliber, as Wyoming’s defense will have its hands full with the deep, talented Missouri offense come Saturday night.